What on earth is Holly Media?

Well, it’s a name of a company. Who’s company? Mine of course. I’m into my twenties and I know it sounds weird when you start your own company, but I’m totally into different things. I AM A CREATOR.

I was a multi-ambitious kid with nothing in my mind and everyone knew that I wasn’t going anywhere. That’s what happened and here I am, lost and still losing.

Holly Media is my company, my production company, my scripting company. I’ve made a short and a documentary till now. Probably very young to you as my company is just 6 months old.

Probably you would wonder – ‘Why Holly?’

That’s because it’s a name. Not necessarily Hollywood, but a name – a character’s name. In Die Hard, Bonnie Bedelia’s character is Holly McClane. When you see the snow-studded climax of Die Hard 2.0, you see Bruce Willis (John McClane) run around aircrafts, repeatedly calling ‘Holly!’ searching for his wife (I tried that in an audition class held in my college, the whole house applauded it). The scene was probably a toast to enticing romance.

Hillary Swank is Holly Kennedy in P.S.I Love You (one of the most influential movies, I’ve ever seen). I can state many examples but I will just keep you reading on and on. Thus, I end here. What I’ve been trying to do with a blog is to rate, review and reap movies; Hollywood Cinema mainly.

And, What is this entry of mine trying to tell you –




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