Review: My Blueberry Nights (2008)

promotional poster of My Blueberry Nights
promotional poster of My Blueberry Nights

Sweetly Baked

My Blueberry Nights (PG-13)

Director: Wong Kar Wai

Cast: Norah Jones, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz

Rating: ****

Wong Kar Wai debuts into Hollywood with ‘My Blueberry Nights’. The film, a romantic drama was released in 2008 following the Venice Film Festival where it first premiered. Apart from the lacklustre commercial success, the film has gained more critical acclaim. The film is adapted from one of Wong’s short films. The adapted screenplay was written by Wong and Lawrence Block. The film follows a heart-broken girl on a journey to discover that she’s not the only one with tumultuous relationships. As the film moves on, we discover her true love.

Wong and his Korean technicians have done a marvelous job in finely crafting the movie. The film has an undefined sadness in its tone, including its lighting and color. The film also criticizes self-belief and it strongly objects shortly-stranded relationships.

The story opens with Jeremy working late in his café. Elizabeth visits the café and she is physically in a teary downpour. Jeremy offers her consolation and a slice of blueberry pie. The days begin to grow in numbers where Elizabeth states that she’s leaving on a journey of self-discovery. Jeremy agrees to it and asks her to write to him. Agreeing to it, Elizabeth moves to Memphis in the name of Lizzie and writes to Jeremy but doesn’t disclose the location. Jeremy attempts to find her location, but he’s unsuccessful.

Lizzie meets another heart-broken cop, Arnie who has trouble with his wife Sue Lynne. Tragic things take place and Lizzie moves to a place near Las Vegas. There she works in a gambling club and meets Leslie, a genius poker player. More twists occur in the story making her return to New York City and meet Jeremy before falling in love with him.

Wong has done his best as a director. Darius Khondji’s brilliant lighting and sense of colors is just too good as he leaves a mark in the eyes of the viewers. The film has subtle music by Ry Cooder.

Norah Jones portrays Elizabeth, the lead female. This was Norah’s acting debut and she’s done a fine job and fits the role beautifully.

Jude Law as Jeremy is plainly a goof-up. Jude could have done a better job. The émigré could’ve tried a better line though.

Rachel Weisz as Sue Lynne has done justice to her role as an agitated housewife.

Natalie Portman does her best in playing Leslie, the genius poker player.

My Blueberry Nights is more of a classic. The film is rich in colors, deep in story, subtle in music and rampant in direction. It’s a must watch romantic drama.


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