Review: Wall-E

The Finest Movie For The Family

Wall – E (PG)

Director: Andrew Staunton

Rating: ****

Andrew Staunton has got the brains on creating a delicate creature like Wall-E to teach us a few lessons. The movie is one of the finest for Walt Disney and Pixar. Credits go to the storyboarding and animation. The film moves at breakneck speed as Wall-E is on Earth. But, once Wall-E reaches space, the story slows down a little as Staunton would’ve felt that he needed to exaggerate more on the space ship.

The film has won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It was also nominated for Best Song and Original Screenplay. The film brings back messages reminiscent of The Lion King and a few other Walt Disney/Pixar creations.

The story in a nutshell… Wall-E is the only robot on Earth and his task is to clean the Earth. It goes on with his daily life as he finds a friendly cockroach and listens to ‘Hello Dolly!’ until one day a spaceship arrives and docks out a robot named Eve (although Wall-E calls her Eva). Its love at first sight for Wall-E but Eve is your assaultive and violent female robot. Somehow, Wall-E manages to become her friend. One day, he hands over a plant to her. On seeing this, Eve is surprised and takes the plant along with her and hibernates. This makes Wall-E return to a state of a soloist. One day, the same spaceship lands and takes Eve away. In a desperate measure Wall-E clings on to the spaceship and out of planet Earth. The spaceship reaches a much bigger one called ‘Axiom’ which is where all the human beings are living.

From here starts a ride of shocks and surprises. Staunton has added many messages to the viewers for us to implement on. But, he seems a little unclear on it. The film is a visual treat for everyone in the family. Wall-E will enter your heart as a loveable robot. So will Eve. The background score is soothing to the scenes. The movie has plenty of dry humor to enjoy.

Wall-E is probably the best family movie. Once again presented by Walt Disney/Pixar, the film is one of the best of its kind.

Watch Wall-E for Wall-E, Eve and Staunton’s messages.


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