Review: Frost/Nixon

Poster of Frost/Nixon
Poster of Frost/Nixon

Epic Battle of Words


Director: Ron Howard

Cast: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Rebecca Hall

Rating: ****

Richard M. Nixon has been known for the infamous ‘Watergate Scandal’ which brought a decline to his career as the President of United States of America. But, he felt that his political life was still alive as he thought that he could easily outnumber David Frost in four interview sessions in which he would be questioned on several issues that happened during the timeline, he served as President. Initially successful, Nixon was finally defeated in the fourth and final interview which was all about ‘Watergate’.

Frost/Nixon covers these four interviews in what would seem like a tensed and nail-biting drama between one who could cover-up anything and another who could blow out anything. The war of words has begun. The film has a dedicatedly crafted script which doesn’t deviate out of the story and manages to hold everything onto it. There are a lot of promotional scenes in the film, such as Nixon commenting on Frost’s shoes which he calls ‘Italian-made and effeminate’.

Directed by Ron Howard, it’s a drama which ended the career of Richard Nixon and lifted the career of David Frost.

Before we continue, I would like to remind you that Frost/Nixon was originally a West End and Broadway theatre play. Frank Langella and Michael Sheen had portrayed the same characters of Nixon and Frost. They reunite to create a more powerful appearance on screen and yes, it’s worthy enough to watch. For a Legal Drama, the film moves at incredible speed. We’ve seen many legal dramas like ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘Michael Clayton’ go slower than the tortoise. It surprises you when Frost/Nixon jumps past frames.

Hans Zimmer has composed fine music. The BGM keeps the movie alive at times where there are a few speed breakers.

Frank Langella as Richard Nixon has pulled off an amazing act. When you see the final moments of the interview, you’ll find a real Nixon rather than an actor in Nixon’s costume.

Michael Sheen lives up to the playboyish image of David Frost. But, at a few moments, he seems to lack the gutsy mind of the original. Maybe, the script slogged him down or so.

After a successful ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, Rebecca Hall returns to yet another lively portrayal of Carolina Cushing. The actress is beautiful indeed, much like the original.

But, the best performance would be Kevin Bacon who portrays Jack Brennan. Bacon is back and has made his presence as an outstanding actor by portraying a serious character. Bacon’s sensitive dialogues and actions prove it all. How come he missed an Academy Award nomination?

Frost/Nixon is a must-watch for veteran Ron Howard’s swift direction, fine editing and outstanding performances by Sheen, Langella, Bacon and Hall. The film remains as the best form of the mistake which couldn’t be erased off American Political History.


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