Review: Surrogates

Bruce Willis in Surrogates
Bruce Willis in Surrogates

Virtual Reality Invades Silver Screen

Surrogates (PG-13)

Director: Jonathan Mostow

Cast: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike

Rating: **

I agree. I love virtual reality. Whether its Virtual Pets or simulations like flying a F22 or driving a car in New York City or a virtual character as in Grand Theft Auto game series, I’m totally hooked up to virtual reality. This film gave me a whole new depth of virtual reality. But, it doesn’t live up as a well made one.

The best scene in Jonathan Mostow’s graphic novel adaptation is the climax where FBI Agent Tom Greer (Willis) shuts down the surrogates, hence, resulting in an abrupt ending to the state of mind causing the surrogates on the road to collapse and die. Surrogates driving cars and trucks smash against each other and a huge traffic jam is caused in reminiscent to I Am Legend.

The story goes like… In 2017, mankind depends on surrogacy to do their jobs and chores. But, a mysterious killer is found within the world of surrogacy and the weapon he possesses may destroy the human race. FBI agents, Tom Greer and Jenny Peters unravel the mystery with much complacent attitudes. The rest is assumed to be the crux of the graphic novel which never made business as a bestseller.

In Neil Blomkamp’s District 9, we have an alien world and a human world. The alien world has a sign which says ‘No Humans Allowed’. In Mostow’s Surrogates, there’s a human world and then the surrogate world. The human world has a sign which says ‘No Robots Allowed’. Surrogates boasts as an intelligent sci-fi thriller but it fails to bring it onscreen.

The cast is led by a tired Bruce Willis, a half-enigmatic Radha Mitchell and a radiant Rosamund Pike. The film’s technical crew deserves to be applauded. Oliver Wood’s cinematography however is a carbon copy of the Bourne series. The shaky camerawork during the chase sequences certainly annoy the viewer. The Makeup and Hair department have also worked well to give Willis a younger look. Sadly, his surrogate dies soon and you see an old, bald and bearded Willis throughout the rest of the movie.

Surrogates may amuse you but it certainly will not give you the satisfaction you yearned for. It can be avoided for some other popcorn flick.


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