Review: Happy-Go-Lucky


Woman! God Bless Her!

Happy Go Lucky (R)

Director: Mike Leigh

Cast: Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan, Samuel Roukin

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Rating: ***

Many a time, men are angry. Everyone needs to get angry. It’s a routine of a daily life. These men work in quiet workplaces such as a library or a bad business store on the corner of the street. Some men have a bad past which makes them get angry on everything wrong doing. Some men don’t enjoy happiness. Count me in too. We possess the anger quotient which keeps us alive to turn red every once a while. People say that a change in our lives may bring us happiness. That’s what Happy Go Lucky is all about.

Happy Go Lucky is a British film which follows the life of Poppy who lives in South London with her friends. Poppy is your energetic, fun-loving thirty-year old single woman who is a school teacher during the day and a clubber at night. Throughout the film, men are shown to be silent, disgraceful and misunderstood. These men include Poppy’s moronic driving instructor, the bookstore clerk, a student in her class and a pauper on the road. It is how Poppy deals with these people using her comic dialogues and wide smile that forms her character. Poppy is positive and desires to spread the smile but she meets a lot of people who cannot even fake a smile.

Poppy’s aide is her best friend Zoe and her younger sister Suzy. Her contacts are however spread over and she finds help anywhere and everywhere. Mike Leigh’s direction is a key figure to the linear narrative of Happy Go Lucky. The old-fashioned titles are too nostalgic for us to forget while the creative ink used in the credits is more of a German Expressionism fanged one. The music is however a little irritating.

Humor is of course the best sideline in this film. The date scene is one of the best in wordy humor. The film talks a lot of positive and negative outlets and the people who want a positive world with no strangers. The cinematography is equally good to the lighting of the film. Choosing some good looking locations, the director has done a fair job with the script. Although the movie starts as a family comedy type, it ends as a rather serious and silly woman flick.

Happy Go Lucky is perhaps the best movie which explains the anger of men. Poppy’s encounter with the bookstore clerk shows the man to be shy or depressed while the driving instructor is protective and discreet. Some of the qualities of anger are best explained in the final outburst between Poppy and Scott. The dialogues of the film play a warrior role as it fights every second to keep the conversation alive. The screenplay certainly deserves a pat.

Sally Hawkins as Poppy Cross does the biggest job carrying the burden in her humorous nature.

Happy Go Lucky is a heartwarming comedy drama which explores the heart of Poppy and tells us what she did to a few disturbed men. The film may be long remembered for its joyous tale and livening narration. Of course the British accent can be remembered.


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