Review: Goa

Fun is the first word, logic the last

Goa (A)

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Cast: Premgi Amaran, Jai, Vaibhav, Sneha, Piaa Bajpai, Melanie Marie, Aravind Aakash and Sampath Raj

Genre: Spoof

Rating: *

Venkat Prabhu could have been a sensation. He was a man of ideas… and humor too. He made gully cricket interesting in Chennai-600028. He remade a Hollywood thriller into a thrilling and humorous Saroja. Now, after two back-to-back hits, he writes a spoof film. Goa is wrong from the first frame. It is called a Venkat Prabhu holiday and just to assure the holiday, he brings bikinis everywhere. And what’s with the spoof? Did Venkat Prabhu learn that Shiva is acting in a spoof film and wish to make one on his own?

If Thamizh Padam spoofs popular Tamil films, Goa spoofs a few Hollywood films and a lot of Tamil films. The first mistake in Goa is Premgi Amaran’s avatar as the leading man. And, the bearded Premgi finds a place in the heart of a British woman, Jessica. What is your problem, Venkat? Are you promoting Premgi to higher standards? Vinayakam (Jai) and Ramarajan (Vaibhav) along with Samikannu (Premgi) have broken the laws of their village and have gone to Theni to watch an English film. This plot element parodies several rural films such as Naatamai and those Goundar films starring Captain Vijaykanth. The introduction scenes of the three youngsters parody three Tamil films, namely Naan Kadavul.

So, the three are forced not to meet again. But, the dear friends run away to Madurai where they find that their friend Azhagan is getting married to a white woman. So, the three concoct a plan and visit Goa to marry white women, obtain a foreign visa and settle abroad. But, their problem is the lack of fluency in the official language – English. The three reach Goa and spend their money on booze. There, they’re taken in by Jack and Danny, two gay hoteliers who provide more humor and a lame Brokeback Mountain sentiment.

Vinayakam meets Roshini (Piaa), a singer at Jack’s bar while Ramarajan meets and marries a casino owner, Suhasini (Sneha), whose violent outbursts are reminiscent of the Korean film, My Sassy Girl. Venkat Prabhu fails to give Suhasini enough character space. Somewhere amidst this, Jessica, the white lady who fell for Samikannu, reaches Goa and meets him again. Their romantic scenes parody the song, ‘Kangal Irandal’ from Subramaniyapuram.

Vaibhav tries his best to entertain us through his humorous acts with Sneha which involve him getting slapped multiple times. Premgi succeeds as a comedian but, fails to perform as the leading man. But, the show-stealer is Australian-born Melanie Marie who plays Jessica with plenty of charm.

The climax scene where the team enters Suhasini’s casino and steal the Amman’s jewels parodies The Hangover and Oceans Eleven. Goa’s script is a total mess for its 165 minute running time. The cameos by Prasanna, Nayantara and Silambarasan are short but graceful. Silambarasan’s cameo however tops the list.

Goa left me flummoxed. If bikinis and booze were used to make a seashore look like Goa, then I’m gonna use casinos and strip clubs to make a desert look like Las Vegas.


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