Review: Tooth Fairy

Dwayne Johson and Ashley Judd play a happy couple disturbed by childhood fantasies in Tooth Fairy.

The Rock Says “There’s no such thing as Tooth Fairy”

Tooth Fairy (PG)

Director: Michael Lembeck

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews and Stephen Merchant

Genre:  Mindless Walt Disney Comedy

Rating: **

Dwayne Johnson has been a mass entertainer in his years as a professional wrestler in WWE (formerly WWF).  Ever since his debut in The Mummy Returns, he has set one foot in Hollywood and has wanted to shine as a prominent star. Now, he has become a prominent Walt Disney star after Game Plan (2007) and Race To Witch Mountain (2009). With Tooth Fairy, he becomes a pleasing and entertaining star, the kids are sure to love.

Tooth Fairy is about an Ice Hockey player, Derek Thompson who is nicknamed Tooth Fairy as he ends up in the Penalty Box after knocking over the opposing team’s star player and breaking his tooth. Overnight, his image is gone and people prefer the new kid on team. Hence, he freaks out and almost spoils the fantasy of a six year old by saying “There’s no such thing as Tooth Fairy.”

So, our man is magically transported to the Tooth Fairy Land where he is sentenced to two weeks of service as Tooth Fairy and thus starts another childish ride of ten-year old jokes and wasted heroics. Funnily, Tooth Fairy Land seems to be full of British people and I start to think if we could find Tooth Fairy Land on the map of Great Britain.

There are some messy situations that Thompson falls into and he tries hard to get out of them and most of the time, he is helped by a wingless case worker called Tracy. There’s also a Fairy Godmother who drinks Tea (British again) and talks about childhood fantasies. There’s also a creepy Fairy called Ziggie who sells some counterfeit stuff. All these mess up Thompson’s personal life with girlfriend Carly and her kids, Tess and Randy.

Slowly, he makes an improvement and finds a place in their hearts. But, BANG! A bad day in the hockey rink and he turns his back on almost everyone. Why is the script this complicated? Is it because they want to stretch the movie over 90 minutes?

Tooth Fairy is a hitch for Dwayne Johnson who woos younger audiences with his comic dialogues and the older audiences with his massive physique. Damn! This guy has still got his muscles.

Well, fantasy characters seem to be coming down-to-earth these days. After Superman, Spiderman and even Iron Man, we have Boogeyman, Joker and now, the Tooth Fairy. Walt Disney is totally for the kids!

If you’re in for kid movies and PG rated humor, Tooth Fairy is a good choice. But, if you want a movie to rely your senses on, then forget it!


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