Review: Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz and friends are back for their final and enigmatic performance in Toy Story 3.

We grew up. But, they couldn’t

Toy Story 3 (G)

Director: Lee Unkrich

Voiced by: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Robbins (Buzz Lightyear), Joan Cusack (Jessie) and Ned Beatty (Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear)

Rating: *****

It is rather with an allusion that Toy Story 3 succeeds as a realm of childhood fantasies. Whether it is the pre-title sequence or the play put up by Bonnie, the animated girl who tries to act shy, Toy Story 3 definitely succeeds in terms of reminding you of your toys. I was very much reminded of my G.I. Joes. The humans in the film grow up while the toys still pretend to see them in the same light.

But, with a succumbed charm, Woody and Buzz Lightyear return for their last dance and the two characters do a pretty good job. Voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Robbins, the two toys hold the key to the life of the Toy Story trilogy. It is Woody’s “Phone Home” struggle and Lightyear’s defiant character mode that fuels the movie throughout. When you find Toy Story 3 to be less satisfactory near the end, the filmmaker launches Lightyear’s Spanish mode. I tell you, even Ace Ventura wouldn’t have made me laugh like the way I did to Lightyear’s Spanish mode.

The climax shows the toys ending up in a landfill where they are about to be galloped by an incinerator. As the toys accept their imminent demise and join hands in a dramatic scene, no one would have come to a conclusion that toys are eternal pieces of plastic. But, Lee Unkrich, the director of this dramatic marvel, gives you the right kind of move and no wonder you’d be drenched with tears. It is of strange nature that these animated films about plastic pieces of junk, rusting robots, a sewer rat and even a small fish in a big sea invoke more emotions and move people deeply. Yes, I agree, much like other grown men, I did shed a tear or two. It’s because this fifteen year old saga comes to an end and what an end this is!

For once, I believe that second sequels do actually work the charm of the original. Toy Story 3 with its deftly blending comedy definitely does.


One thought on “Review: Toy Story 3

  1. CMrok93 January 16, 2011 / 18:52

    Really does get you crying when you try so hard not to. Great film, great review!

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