Review: Aisha

Sonam Kapoor in and as Aisha

Sonam Kapoor’s cumbersome ramp walk

Aisha (U)

Director: Rajshree Ojha

Starring: Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Ira Dubey, Cyrus Sahukar and others

Genre: Westernized Romantic Comedy. *sigh*

Rating: *

Overdosed in fashion, Aisha struggles to fight between a romantic comedy and a mush film. The cinematic experience could be called flirting with disaster. In almost every scene, the film promotes Sonam Kapoor, Dior, Volkswagen and L’Oreal. Why did we have to look at ancient Victorian styles in New Delhi? We’re just ripping off the story, not the whole darn setting. Jane Austen’s novel sounds better to me.

The cinematography seemed to be the only catch. As the cheesy BGM proved nothing, one would have to focus on the screen and spot wonderful visuals of Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) jogging down parks, Aisha and her BFF, Pinky (Ira Dubey) checking out costumes in a Dior showroom, Aisha and Arjun (Abhay Deol) arguing in broad daylight, dusk, rain or shine. It’s such a fashion in Hindi Cinema to let those arguing characters fall in love. Well, Aisha and Arjun are not just the only ones.

For someone who has pepped us with traditional glimpses in Sawaariya and Dilli-6, Kapoor’s transformation to a fashion figure looks condescending. The glowering skin, the reddish lips, the fashion labels, everything makes Aisha, a preppy Indian fashion film. “I’m not manipulative” Aisha retorts with sneaky eyes after Arjun comments on her disastrous match-making abilities. Yet, she performs the mentioned activity throughout the movie. Her romantic intercuts with various actors in the film appear less interesting as we know whom she’s really interested in.

It is of rare nature that a westernized Hindi film like Aisha failed to work in a multiplex audience. Although met with heavy laughter, the film had nothing to prove, nothing to motivate, nothing to keep the audience buzzing about. The ‘watch it and forget it’ situation applies greatly in Aisha. Apart from those comic patches, Aisha is a half-baked pie, just like the one, Kapoor bakes in the movie.

One factor to determine the film’s compassion for the book is that the mischievous match-maker is seen in every scene. She’s trying hard to let the unknown hearts meet while the known hearts relentlessly try to budge in. But, the adamancy of Aisha keeps every second choice out of reach. “Go by your heart. You’re a Kapoor. You must shout out your heart.” Advises Mr. Kapoor to daughter, Aisha, and she runs to a wedding reception and screams out her heart to the audience in the wrong venue. It’s of such stunning nature that the filmmakers never realize their comedy is overused and is apparently failing to amuse the audience.

Aisha was Sonam Kapoor’s call for sex appeal. Her job in the film was to try out different outfits, lipsticks and by Jove, she does her job well. Aisha can be quoted as an example for a senseless romantic comedy.


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