Review: Somewhere

Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning play Guitar Hero in Somewhere.

I prefer a sleeping pill

Rating: *

Sofia Coppola tested my patience aplenty in her previous feature, Marie Antoinette. She goes ten levels higher in Somewhere, which along with her previous movies are fictionalized versions of her personal life. Daddy Coppola probably would hate this film, but there are people who hate it more. Just check it out on IMDb.

The daughter, Cleo stares at her father, Johnny Marco, a fading Hollywood star, as he eats breakfast with another woman with whom he spent the night. There are very few scenes like these that really grab your attention for what kind of a poor father, Marco is. That final conversation between the two is an excellent example.

But, that isn’t what Somewhere is all about. The film becomes the memories of the father, played by Stephen Dorff rather than the daughter, played by Elle Fanning. Upon watching Lost in Translation, I thought Coppola has made an avant-garde classic. After Marie Antoinette, I felt she could make an art film in a Kubrickian fashion. But, Somewhere goes absolutely nowhere. The film excluding those long shots would be less than 60 minutes. How big was the screenplay?

A perfect place to screen Somewhere would be in a travel resort. Anyone who visits a resort needs rest and sleep. Somewhere offers sleep. Maybe screening a Tom Hanks film would bring rest.


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