Review: Kullanari Koottam

Vishnu and Remya Nambeesan in Kullanari Koottam

Simpleton rom-com takes a dive

Rating: **

Humour, wit, romance – Kullanari Koottam has it all! But, the narration takes a dive in the second half and becomes some kind of a docudrama by exposing corruption in the police force. And, the characters just walk into a mindset and kidnap relentlessly. This indeed is a false promise set by a highly entertaining first half.

Kullanari Koottam, I hear is a sleeper hit. The film is also one of those suburban (read: B&C centre) films which seemed to have earned the interest of the multiplex audience. Judging by the brisk narration, the first 60 minutes offered, I was hooked on. The film is around 140 minutes in length and that’s a huge relief. But, the third act could have definitely used some editing.

Do we still need songs to hook us? Chartbusters are okay, but what about songs that you never actually want? The second half faces such a scenario.

Vishnu comfortably slips into the role of a Madurai youngster without thinking about the accent and lifestyle. Although, writer-director Sribalaji gives him a set of mannerisms to follow, Vishnu staggers and tries quite hard to create an impact, while usual rom-com actors just go with the flow.

Remya Nambeesan has found the role that suits her looks. Her character brings enough naivety to the film. The scene where she threatens Vishnu over the phone is a splendid one. The rest of the cast look to set a mark, but we all know that romantic comedies favour only the lead.

Kullanari Koottam is flawed, but nevertheless entertains… at least the first half does. 


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