Review: 7aum Arivu

Suriya and Shruti Haasan in 7aum Arivu

I’m fine with my six senses

7aum Arivu

Rating: ZERO

It began like a documentary and changed into a docudrama, before becoming a commercial mockumentary. A.R. Murugadoss has it all wrong again. I was appalled after watching Ghajini. He could have at least done justice to the original. But, Murugadoss tried to “Indianize” the concept and killed the film.

His half-baked performance continues in 7aum Arivu, where he doesn’t actually know what he’s trying to do in a film which connects Bodhidharma and his descendant, Aravind. Hence, he uses the plot of Assassin’s Creed and tries to blend Bodhidharma as a backstory. Horror of horrors, a genetic scientist is tracking the historical legend instead of a historian! Despite all this, I was still convinced to see what surprises Murugadoss had in store for me. I was bitter to find out 7aum Arivu had nothing in the second half other than a dry run for help and a lost cause initiated by the Chinese.

I really couldn’t understand that the Chinese decided to spread a virus in India, a virus that could be treated only by medicine made in China, and what was the reason for this? China wanted India to give them anything in return for the antidote. Jeezaloo! You guys are the worst.

Suriya seems to be the guy for performances like these. But, I just have one question: Is a jaw-dropping appearance enough? Don’t these actors see the need to act in accordance to a role? Monk or circus artist, Suriya is the same in terms of acting. When Murugadoss saw that Shruti Haasan couldn’t save the film, he should have planned Johnny Tri Nguyen’s antagonistic character better. But, he limits everyone else with hopes that Suriya’s performance will stand out. Sadly, he has even limited the story. And when did hypnotism shrink to a matter of seconds?

The last scene where Suriya commands everyone on science and religion is quite possibly the director’s message. But, why did he have to put us through all this hassle when he could have done it in a 30-second PSA!

After remaking movies for decades, Tamil Cinema is moving to video games. The day when Mani Ratnam or Gautham Vasudev Menon remake GTA Vice City is not far away I guess.


One thought on “Review: 7aum Arivu

  1. Mohammed Noushad (@nidsutd) December 16, 2011 / 21:33

    I hate A R Muragadoss . Not because he is bad director but he is a terrible excuse of being a director .In His entire filmography there is but one original script , Ramanna . His rip off of Memonto was lame but he rode his luck and he hit jackpot with it . Actually his creation of the character “Kalpana” was his only addition to the original and he rode on the success of Gajini making re-makes after re-makes and spinning money off just one movie for about ten years . So once that circus was over he wanted to make his next movie and he earnestly started his research in the annals of world cinema but found none that suited his taste . And it was in that boredom he hit upon Bodhidharma , About whom he read about while travelling from the dvd store to his house courtesy some old tamil journal or paper. Once his mind was made up to make a movie about Bodhidharma ,He realised he had a problem . Bodhidharma though born in India ,lived and made his name in china . But he can’t make a movie about the hero earning his name in China cos no one will watch it , It was then he saw his son playing a game called Assasin’s Creed and from whom he learns about Genetic DNA and past can be re-lived in the present through a machine called The Animus . And Bam!!! It all hits him , The montage in china , The Sexy yet brilliant Genetic scientist who speaks Tamil , The six packs, The Foriegn Location song , Interesting Villian , It all fits ,Yes Yes , He lept to his feet shouting Eureka !!! Eureka!!!…Actually in this case Surya Surya and maybe Harris Jeyaraj too… Harris hearing upon this great collects all the bit pieces of gibberish he uses without fail in everyone of his songs and plays it as a continuous bit and BAM!!! Rise Of Damo is born …Wow Wow Wow… And am not sure who came up with the title of 7am Arivu , But brilliant mama just brilliant. As if this Ratpack wasn’t enough they added Sruthi Hassan to the mix . Need i say more…

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