Review in 140 words or less: Margin Call

Kevin Spacey in Margin Call

Wall St biggies cannot read the screens

Rating: ***

Margin Call is set in an atmosphere of panic. The events leading to the 2008 stock market crash are first noticed and as they take place, the character storylines are introduced and finely mixed.

Despite discussing strategies, the senior members of the firm don’t seem to understand the numbers. The CEO tells a junior executive, “speak to me like you’re speaking to a child.”

J.C. Chandor’s film moves on through the night where employees discuss how much the firm’s biggies earn and how they lavishly spend their money. But, is that what Chandor is trying to do in this film? Confirm the divide between the filthy rich and the upper-class.

Foot Note: A star-studded film, Margin Call maintains a fine grip on the viewers.


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