Review: Man on a Ledge

Elizabeth Banks and Sam Worthington in Man on a Ledge.

Either push him or push me

Rating: *

A man checks in at Roosevelt Hotel, NYC, heads to the top floor and stands on the ledge, ready to jump. But, he’s not jumping anywhere. He’s just attracting public attention. What’s funnier is that he will speak to only one negotiator, a blonde named Lydia whose last case was a failure. So, Lydia decides to save this bloke and earn back her lost fame in convincing lunatics from taking the fall.

Elizabeth Banks alongside Genesis Rodriguez do their bit in plunging necklines and bustier tops to spike the blood levels of an emphatically bored audience. This film has Sam Worthington in the leading role while other talents such as Anthony Mackie, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris are stripped down to slobbering emotions and close-up shots of grimaces. The level of insanity, the writer (Pablo Fenjves) introduces is haunting as he brings up one good point: Everything was a beautiful setup by the protagonist.

At some point, the plan doesn’t work out and the hurried antics of the protagonist become more like the hotel scene in The Bourne Supremacy. And the icing on the cake is a subplot about two buddy cops who turn enemies under the line of corruption and how it revels the viewers as we see the bad cop beg for forgiveness at the time of his death. Oh please! We don’t need Kleenex, we need a loaded shotgun.

Man on a Ledge just doesn’t end up as a suicidal maniac’s call for innocence, it moves on as a thriller that includes chases through the long and empty corridors of the hotel. I wonder if Roosevelt Hotel served as one of the producers for the film. Well, the least they could do for uncalled product placement is serve the actors their finest lobster meal.

Man on a Ledge is surprising awful. Okay, the plunging necklines were worthy but not for the price I paid.


One thought on “Review: Man on a Ledge

  1. JennyX March 7, 2012 / 05:09

    This was a real time-tester and was a horrid journey.

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