Review: The Grey

Liam Neeson in The Grey.

Dances With The Wolves

Rating: *

Joe Carnahan’s The Grey is a mix of J.J. Abrams Lost and the “survival of the fittest” theory. A group of oil drillers are stranded in Alaska after a plane crash and they have to survive a nasty blizzard, hunger, frostbite and a pack of grey wolves. This film is based on the novel Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers.

The Grey stars your action movie “go-to” guy. No, we’re not talking about Bruce Willis or Nicholas Cage, we’re talking about Liam Neeson. Taken may have suited his badass hero avatar but films such as Unknown, The A-Team and Clash of The Titans don’t enhance his reputation. These films needed protagonists who are more agile, more invulnerable. Neeson doesn’t deliver in the cited examples and neither does he in The Grey.

Carnahan adds more character to the wolves and not to the humans. We saw a similar occurrence in John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic, The Thing. But, that was where it all began – the eighties. Carnahan deviously lets his actors deliver metallic emotions, ensuring that the focus goes to the wolves. Sadly, the carnivores don’t bring much to the table. What more can you expect from prop animals?

Carnahan highlighted in a press conference that The Grey is about a man’s interior struggle for survival and brought in Christian messages to support him. Upon watching the film, I doubt that.


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