Review: Stand Up Guys

Christopher Walken, Al Pacino in Stand Up Guys
“Let’s shoot some birds.” Chris Walken and Al Pacino in Stand Up Guys

Are We There Yet?
Rating: ZERO

I’d love to watch Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and Alan Arkin share screen space any given day. Which is why Stand Up Guys was on my must watch list. But, Stand Up Guys clearly isn’t their movie. It seems to have been made from scribbles taken from the notebooks of various filmmakers – Judd Apatow, Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritche to name some.

The film never really comes close to what you may have expected. That is the sad reality of this 90 minute mishmash directed by Fisher Stevens, whose acting career can be easily forgotten. Younger audiences who are used to the Apatow humour will probably laugh at Pacino after he’s admitted to the hospital in a very compromising situation.

The film’s plot involves an aging criminal Valentine who’s released from prison, and unites with his old partner in crime, Doc. Only, Doc has been asked to kill Valentine, or else Doc will die too. This forms the crux of a painful drag where we’re introduced to minor characters and forgetful scenes.

Given the stars who have a lot of mileage, Stand Up Guys is a let down. Given the crew who have possibly never worked out of the indie circuit, Stand Up Guys is a holler. And given the anticipated murmurs in the theatre, Stand Up Guys is a rip-off that does injustice to our beloved idols.