Review in 140 words or less: Settai

Arya and Hansika in Settai

Shit doesn’t happen!
Rating: Zero

I don’t get why Settai is set in Mumbai when almost all the characters including a foreigner speak Tamil. This being a remake of Delhi Belly, I was hoping for the raw language the original had. Unfortunately, director Kannan swerves away and offers a U-rated film. Apart from Santhanam’s riveting comedy, the film has nothing new to offer.

The actors are dry, especially Arya and Hansika. Veteran star Nasser is easily the best actor among the cast. Even Subbu Panchu’s five-minute appearance was a relief when compared to the wooden performances the rest of the cast offers.

Foot Note: With 5 mindless songs reducing the pace, Settai is a watered down version of Delhi Belly.


Review in 140 words or less: Vettai

Aarya and Madhavan in Vettai.

Of brothers, sisters, and gangsters

Rating: **

Despite the pomp and show that accompanies it, Vettai is a frivolous entertainer accompanied by flashy fight sequences. Post the success of Paiyya, filmmaker N. Lingusamy treads down the beaten path and displays the survival of a loving brotherhood in a rough town.

Portrayed as an action hero in Run, Madhavan’s timid appearance in Vettai is a sheer delight. When the heroines’ intro song rolls on, I felt a connection with the 50s where heroines enjoyed the privilege of having their own intro number. Such privilege is a rarity today.

Footnote: Do filmmakers still believe that chartbusters can largely help in improving box office collections?

Review: Boss Engira Baskaran

Arya and Nayantara in Boss Engira Baskaran.

A fun if not original ride

Rating: ***

Boss Engira Baskaran made a perfect 150-minute escapade. But, the dum-dum ending gave me the jeepers.  Is this the way films are meant to end? What is the use when the fourth wall is broken right in the climax? The film does its best in entertaining with witty humor.

Arya in his second consecutive entertaining role after Madrasapattinam lays it off easy as the boasting protagonist who has a thing for being vagabond. Moreover, the expressions he pulls off while delivering a few dialogues are noteworthy. Becoming the next big thing, Arya rocks the boat with his performance. Nayantara to some extent becomes a pleasing foxy woman who tries her best to appear pleasant in costumes that fail to reveal any skin. No matter how deglamourized she may look, you are reminded of her glamorous image often. The whole film rides on Santhanam’s performance, who ably balances it with his repartees and wisecracks. He is the real boss of Boss Engira Baskaran. Another plus point is Subbu Panchu, who plays Arya’s brother. He has this rare talent of providing humor with a grudge.

Writer-director Rajesh has dished out another commercial cocktail but fails to apply the glossy touch. Why oh why do we need the song ‘Maama Maama’ right before the climax? But, when compared to his crass debut, Siva Manasula Sakthi, Boss Engira Baskaran is a promise that the director can outperform himself.

Keeping up the faith by making you laugh, Boss Engira Baskaran’s promises a clean family entertainer. Watch it for Santhanam.