Review in 140 words or less: Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down movie still
Dominic Cooper and Colin Farrell in Dead Man Down.

Big Time Neo Noir Wannabe
Rating: ZERO

Dead Man Down is another thriller that tries to be a neo noir. In fact, the film is shot under cloudy skies and flickering light bulbs just to be characterized as an aesthetic neo noir. In fact, the characters behave one-dimensional just to reveal later that it was a setup. In fact, there is a woman who yearns to be identified as a femme fatale. In fact, I was bored at the beginning of this movie.

When watching a film like Dead Man Down, you have to keep some humour handy, so that when the film runs dry, you’ll be well ready to make fun of it. You wait till the end for the film’s best scene and well, you just keep waiting. There are no memorable scenes. That’s the sad reality of today’s cinema.