Review: Seven Pounds

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson in Seven Pounds
Will Smith and Rosario Dawson in Seven Pounds

Tear Flowing Drama of a Man

Seven Pounds (PG-13)

Director: Gabriel Muccino

Cast: Will Smith, Rosario Dawson

Rating: **

What inspired you the most to gain expectations on Seven Pounds? Are you a Will Smith fan? Were you fancied by the smart clean-shaved Will Smith with an innocent look on the poster? Did Gabrielle Muccino – Will Smith combination put you in? Or is it the weird but trendy name – Seven Pounds?

Seven Pounds is a totally reality-bitten drama of a man’s emotions. Ben Thomas, an IRS agent with a bitter past finds that he needs to put his work behind and concentrate on helping those who need help. Will Smith is Ben Thomas and he helps seven people throughout the film by donating organs from his body. A down-to-earth Will Smith looks smart even when he is pushing forty years of age. When is the last time you’ve seen Will Smith in a role so matured that he has to die to save some one – the answer is obviously ‘I Am Legend’. You see Ben Thomas committing suicide to save his loved one and also a blind call centre operator.

Gabrielle Muccino carries out Grant Nieporte’s screenplay with enthusiasm. You finally see a movie which has a lively screenplay and it has been worked out to perfection. Talk about the scintillating music by Angelo Milli and you will bow down to the sinful symphonies to the ending credits. Milli has the credible eye for a good background score and you get to hear it in Seven Pounds.

Rosario Dawson has had a long way from ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ to ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ to playing sexually oriented roles in B-grade flicks. But, what you see in Seven Pounds is not a Black American. You see a well coloured, Spanish lady who is simply gorgeous. Other supporting roles by Woody Harrelson and Barry Pepper are cut to a stroke.

Seven Pounds is much like Pursuit of Happyness. I’m not talking of the Gabrielle Muccino – Will Smith combination, but I’m talking about the tone of the film. It has a lot of sadness in the film related to the protagonist. In Pursuit of Happyness, the protagonist is the only one to be affected by his sadness while here in Seven Pounds, everyone he meets are lined up in taking a bath to sadness. Gabrielle Muccino, the famous Italian director was chosen by Will Smith as he knew that he would know the right touch for these films.

What we get to see in Seven Pounds is an inspirational, state-of-the-art visualized, stylish, dragging, self neglected drama of a man. Will Smith has shouldered the responsibility of the whole movie as a credible actor who has never failed in succeeding expectations. What a drastic change has it been for the actor – Pursuit of Happyness in 2006 saw him as a poor and caring father; that Christmas, I Am Legend showed him as the only survivor on the Earth; 2008 had Will Smith pose as Hancock, the drunken abusive resident superhero and now, an emotional IRS agent in Seven Pounds. The actor has been in full form delivering hits all the way with his priceless acting.

Will Smith’s Seven Pounds is just like every other movie. It has Will Smith and it can be seen for Will Smith who is the master of human drama.

Seven Pounds is perhaps the exact offering for the seventh sense of our human body – our emotions.